The Company

Pegasus Emergency Management Consortium (EMC) Corp. believes that each client has unique capacity and emergency-focused needs. Therefore, each client and emergency-related project requires a specific combination of skill-sets and expertise as well as a tailor-made solution. Pegasus EMC strives to enhance the capacity of its clients to overcome emergencies and crises. It delivers its services by assembling its team to quickly and effectively meet each client’s needs.

Established in January 1994 as Turning Point Consulting Corp., the company was renamed Pegasus Emergency Management Consortium Corp. and in 2002 merged with Turning Point Group Inc. Its project-tailored team of experts is assembled from a wide network of emergency specialist practitioners, to meet the unique needs of each project.

Pegasus Emergency Management Consortium (EMC) Corp. is proud of its ability to form project teams that deploy quickly and effectively to meet emergency or crisis needs. Its strength is founded on the creativity, practicality and reliability of its team members.

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The team would predictably have a number of ‘regular’ members as well as specialists drawn from a wide network. Ron Kuban, PhD, serves as its team leader.

Ron Kuban, PhD

Since January 1994 Dr. Kuban has served as the President of Pegasus Emergency Management Consortium Corp. In addition he has over 23 years of combined service with Canada's Department of National Defence, the federal government, and the provincial government of Alberta. Ron has extensive expertise and experience in management practices, crisis management systems, emergency management, and adult education. He has been involved in numerous emergencies, both in Canada and abroad, applying varied and pragmatic solutions to client's emergency management needs. Ron has developed and implemented emergency or crisis plans, emergency exercises, and crisis management systems to a variety of groups in the private, public and NGO sector.

Ron graduated with a B.A. from the Royal Military College of Kingston (Ontario) as well as an M.Ed. and a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta. His doctoral thesis was a study of the practice of crisis management in Canada. Ron has an extensive list of publications on emergency-related preparedness, response, and management issues, including two books: The Canadian Fire Officer's Guide to Emergency Management, and Crisis Management in Canada: A study of its practice.

Ron authored two major documents for the Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada (i.e., Emergency Preparedness Canada). One is The National Doctrine on Emergency Site Management System, which defines a system for the management of disasters at various levels (i.e., local, municipal, regional or national). The other is The Community-wide Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (CVCA), which is a model for the assessment of vulnerable populations at municipal level. He also co-authored the Family Emergency Preparedness booklet for Quick Books and was for two years the Publisher of the Canadian Journal of Emergency Management.

Ron served abroad in Australia, Cyprus (United Nations), and China where he twice served (1995, 1996) as a Delegate of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies for China’s major floods. In 2001, he spent much time in Singapore developing an emergency public information model for the Government of Singapore.

Ron is a consummate community volunteer. He served as President of the Red Cross Regional Council (Central/Northern AB), President of Safe Guard (a national organization for emergency-related public education), President of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (an umbrella organization of 145 Community Leagues), Commissioner on the Edmonton Police Commission (2004), first President of the Edmonton Regional Crime Prevention Network, Chair of the Mill Woods Presidents' Council (representing over 90,000 residents), and Chair of the Alberta Association of Police Governance. He is a founding and active member of the Mill Woods Community Patrol, a long-time soccer coach, and on the Board of the Mill Woods Soccer Association. Ron received the Queen's Jubilee medal and the Alberta Centennial medal for his community service.

More recently, Ron was awarded the Harry Hole 2007 Community Policing Award.